Hey guys! :)

So tonight i spent most of my time re-handwriting my letter to Switchfoot that i wrote back in November, just to make my hand writing look somewhat nicer. (I did the best that i could. It took me forever to re-handwrite all this.)

But basically the reason why i’m posting this, is because i want you guys to read it and tell me if my handwriting looks alright and is readable enough. (You can read it better if you right click on the photos and open it in a new tab.)

So yeah please just read this real quick and let me know, so if i need to re-write this again i can. (But my hand might just fall off from all the writing.)

P.S. Also, do you guys think that my letter is too long?

I’m just kinda a little worried that my letter might be too long, and that the guys might even not read it because of how long it is, and ugh should i still give it to them anyways?!

So yeah, help is much appreciated.

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“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try accepting yourself and see what happens.”

Louise Hay (via ignitingenergy)

Remembering 168 lives lost and survivors changed forever by the Murrah Bombing in OKC, 19 years ago today. Also honoring the resilience of OKC. Photo of the Oklahoma City National Memorial by Richard Rowe [x]

Paperman (USA, 2012)